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Goal Providing innovative solutions and leading services in the field of smart technology solutions to fulfill the needs and requirements of different work environments, to be the research and applied entity to provide innovative solutions that serve communities in different sectors at the local and global levels.

Vision To be the leader and reaching the top over the globe in the field of smart and innovative technological solutions, and to highlight national and Arab cadres at all levels and fields to create a new generation armed with creative ideas, knowledge and innovations.

First UAE Citizen Inventor

Mr. Mousa Eisa Mousa Al-Amri a United Arab Emirates Citizen who holds a bachelor’s degree in Sharia and law from the United Arab Emirates University, and currently practicing law through his legal office, “Mousa Al Amiri Advocates and Legal Consultations and Privet Notary Services” in the Emirate of Dubai.

Passion in Inventions

He has a great interest in scientific research and inventions, which made him exert great efforts in the scientific innovations beneficial to society, the reason why he obtained the first invention patent number 1 and the first industrial model number 1 in the United Arab Emirates, and he is the first UAE inventor.

Innovative Emirati Citzin

As an innovative citizen he has been awarded by the Department of Intellectual Property and Economic in the Ministry of Economy.

He also has many other innovations that have been patented and registered in UAE and outside UAE by the Intellectual Property organization (WIPO), registered and protected patents in more than 100 countries around the world. He also has been honored with a bronze medal from the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions for helping to solve many of the challenges that facing the governmental and private sector in the field of processes automation, computerization and protection of the systems data, which increases the efficiency of production and improve the mechanism of work, the invention which found a great acceptance from all the involved parties.

Patent Registration Agent

In addition, he has much participation in scientific conferences and exhibitions inside and outside the UAE, besides being a member of the International Federation of Inventors in Switzerland and a lawyer and patent registration agent within UAE.

The Inventor's Achievements

The Inventor has proved several successes with many clients in dealing with them through the invention of the smart document and they are the following:


  • Department of Economic Development – Government of Dubai (Commercial License).
  • Minister of Health in the United Arab Emirates (Medical Licenses).
  • Minister of Justice (KSA) – Power of Attorney.
  • Banks (More Than 40 Banks in UAE) – Bank Guarantee Letter.
  • The Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Tourist Licenses).

Many Succecss

The Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates (Academic Degrees) More Than 40 Higher Educational Institutions (Academic Degrees), Including:
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